Sunday, July 1, 2012

Email Plugin Settings

GoHomeMail Email Plugin has a preference screen that retains users' account information. The preference screen can be launched through the GoHomeMail base app.

There are some complicated settings in the screen although it is common among email applications like thunderbird.

At least, users have to activate this plugin and set his/her SMTP password.  Please check the bellow explanation.
  • Activate this Plugin
  • =>Please turn on this switch at first.  Please change the flag when you want to send a GoHomeMessage by email.
  • Sender Settings
    • Sender
    • =>This field works as a value of From field in email. However, ISP SMTP server often changes this value to users' account name so it will be invalidated. As a safe way, GoHomeMail need a default sender email. Google SMTP users don't have to change pre-set value.
  • Recipients Settings
    • Recipients chooser
    • =>This invokes a GUI tool that help users to select recipients.  The result will be shown in the following "Recipients" field.
    • Recipients
    • =>This field accepts recipients email addresses that are concatenated with ','.
  • SMTP Server Settings
    • SMTP Server
    • =>This field accepts a SMTP server name users want to use. Google SMTP users don't have to change pre-set value.
    • SMTP Server Port
    • =>This field accepts a SMTP server port users want to use. Google SMTP users don't have to change pre-set value.
    • SMTP Authentication
    • =>This field is a switch if the SMTP server users set needs SMTP authentication or not. Google SMTP users don't have to change pre-set value.
    • SMTP Username
    • =>This fields accepts the SMTP user name.  Google SMTP users don't have to change pre-set value.
    • SMTP Password
    • =>This fields accepts the SMTP user name.  Please input your SMTP password correctly.
    • SMTP Encryption type
    • =>This fields accepts the SMTP encryption type.  Google SMTP users don't have to change pre-set value.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

How can I use it?

To use GoHomeMail is very easy! Let's take a quick tour.
  1. Get the app and at least one plugin app from Google Play.

  2. Launch GoHomeMail, then you'll see the main screen like below.
    • There are only five steps:
      1. Set up plugins.
      2. Set your home location.
      3. Choose how to go back home.
      4. Input your fresh comment.
      5. Send the message.
      Once you did step#1-3, you might have to do step#(4-)5 since next time.
        If you see some dialogs, please follow the messages.

        In most cases, you have not installed any plugins yet. In the case, please check out Google Play to to get a plugin. If you open Google Play from the following dialog, it searches plugins automatically.

        Also you may see a "Term of Use" and "Privacy Policy" dialog. GoHomeMail would like to ask users to view the application use policy at least once. You can just tap the "Term of Use& button to open the "Term of Use" web page easily. Then the dialog never appears. On viewing the page and after geting back from Browser showing the webpage, users will not see the dialog as well.  Sorry for inconvenience, but this is a sort of important things...

        Finally, you may see a license check failure dialog like below.  This happens mostly when you are offline.  It means Google Play app cannot connect to the central server to check the app validation.  In the case of offline, users can ignore it selecting the "Cancel" button.  But please note this application is a kind of network apps so that it doesn't work expectedly without network.  Also you can retry license check tapping "OK".  GoHomeMay just invoke the license check process again.

  3. Set up plugins.

  4. Set your home location.
    • If you tap this menu bar, you'll see a next screen with map. Please drag the map view to show your home. Then tap the center of the map to indicate your home in the center. Please map the locator icon to your home.
      You can use the text box of the top to search your home location quickly. Please input (a part of) your address, then tap the button of "search".
      Finally, tap the bottom button of "Set home place" to commit the position. GoHomeMail will get the longitude and latitude from Google Maps.
      Please note this setup uses Network function. So you have to enable Network connection beforehand.

  5. Choose how to go back home.
    • After setup your home location, GoHomeMail will show the address and simple map under the menu bar of "Set home place". Then next, you are being asked about how you want to go back home. There are 4 options: Walk, Car, Train, or Bike. Please choose one. By the way, please note Bike might not be supported by Google Maps in your area yet.

  6. Input your fresh comment.
    • Then, please input your fresh comment to recipients. GoHomeMail will remember the input comment for the next session.
      So you can use the same comment many times, but your recipients might expect comments of something new...

  7. Send the message.
    • Finally, please tap the last menu bar. It get GoHomeMail to find the best route to your home and send the report to recipients by the method you setup as plugin.

      The location detection will sometimes fail like the Google Maps app... However GoHomeMail can retry the operation. Please check Android notification message. Also please check your Network and GPS condition.

  8. Setup application options.
      If users press the Android "MENU" button, users can see option menus. Most of them show same dialogs explained above. But there is one menu that controls this application. If users select the "Main Settings" menu, then main preference screen of this app will appears up.

      Now GoHomeMail has one option, about the location provider selector. GoHomeMail uses location detection so one of providers users' Android device has should be available.
      Usual applications like Google Maps will use combination of GPS and Network location provider; Get coarse grained location information from Netrork (3G) at first, and obtain the exact location from GPS after then. That's because such application can keep foreground for a while, and users can wait for the accurate location information while watching the screen.

      However GoHomeMail would like to get the location information as soon as possible and to send a message immediately. It can't wait for a while to get the exact location.
      Also there are characteristic on each provider. Network provider using Wi-Fi is sometimes incorrect although it is fast. On the other hand, GPS provider is very,very slow and sometimes fails, but it is the most accurate. 

      So GoHomeMail commits the selection to users. Users can change the behavior to detect their location in the following preference screen.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Term of Use and Privacy Policy

Term of Use

  1. This Terms of Use are provided when you access or use the app (including the plugins), and web pages of GoHomeMail.
  2. When using GoHomeMail, the GoHomeMail users (hereinafter called “the Users”) shall be deemed to have agreed with all of the contents mentioned in this Term of Use. Expressing one's intent not to agree with the said terms will only be accepted when such User decides not to use GoHomeMail.
  3. Responsibility of the Users
      (1) The Users shall use GoHomeMail based on their own intention to do so and shall also take full responsibility of all that has to do with such use.
      (2) If the Users don't agree to this Term of Use and the following Privacy Policy, the Users have to stop using this web page and apps immediately and uninstall them from your device(s) with any data cleared.
  4. When you access or use of this Service, following behaviors (include possible behaviors) are prohibited.
      (1) Acts of infringement on the rights and interests of GoHomeMail, other users, or third parties.
      (2) Acts of slander, insult, defamation of honor, trust, privacy, or etc (include the acts of disclosing mail addresses, phone numbers, addresses which is possible to identify the particular persons belong to GoHomeMail, other users or third parties) or acts of obstructing business.
      (3) Acts in violation of the Public Office Election Law.
      (4) Acts of invitation to join religious groups or other organizations.
      (5) Acts of invitation to investment, donation, funding, or purchasing goods or services, etc.
      (6) Acts of introduction or invitation of viewing to other websites which is judged as an inappropriate by GoHomeMail.
      (7) Acts of commercial diversion of the information from this Service.
      (8) Acts of sending viruses or harmful programs or files, etc which impede the normal function of the computer software or hardware to GoHomeMail, other users or third parties.
      (9) Acts of publishing information or contents which have no legitimate authority against this website and apps.
      (10) Acts of impeding the use or provision of this Service to GoHomeMail, other users or third parties.
      (11) Acts of accessing by unfair practices such as hacking or acts of monitoring or copying all or part of this website and apps.
      (12) Acts of behaviors which violate Terms of Use of SNS, public policies, laws or penal law or acts of behaviors which is judged as an inappropriate by GoHomeMail.
  5. Disclaimer
      (1) GoHomeMail shall not be held responsible for any and all damages (any and all disadvantages including emotional distress or other financial losses) arising from the use (including actions accompanying the said damages such as providing information of GoHomeMail or a third party) or nonuse of GoHomeMail.
      (2) GoHomeMail shall not be held responsible for any and all damages arising from websites and services provided by any third party company which can be accesses via GoHomeMail.
      (3) GoHomeMail shall not be held responsible for such damages caused by act of God or others due to reasons which GoHomeMail is not liable for.
      (4) GoHomeMail cannot guarantee that the data of GoHomeMail will not be erased or changed. Therefore, necessary data must be saved by the Users themselves at their own discretion.
  6. Responsibility for Third Parties
      The Users shall be responsible for any and all disputes or damages that occurred between the Users and any third party which have arisen from the use of GoHomeMail and GoHomeMail shall not be held responsible nor intervene on behalf of the Users.
  7. If the Users violate this Term of Use and inflict damage on GoHomeMail, such Users shall be required to pay for any damage made to GoHomeMail regardless of the fact that it may be direct or indirect.
  8. Handling of Personal Information is provided in the following Privacy Policy.
  9. Changes to GoHomeMail can be made or it can be discontinued temporarily by GoHomeMailwithout prior notice to the Users.
  10. The provision of GoHomeMail can be discontinued on a long-term basis or can be terminated by GoHomeMail.
  11. This Term of Use and the following privacy policy can be changed as needed by GoHomeMail. These contents of the change shall be deemed to have been promptly accepted by all Users when displayed on GoHomeMail.
  12. This Term of Use shall be governed by, construed, and interpreted under the laws of Japan. The Tokyo District Court or the Tokyo Summary Court shall be the exclusive agreement jurisdictional court of the first hearing for any and all disputes arising from the Term of Use.
  13. These terms shall be effective from May 14, 2012.

Privacy Policy

    Regarding personal information provided to us, GoHomeMail will make every effort to strive for and actualize appropriate collection, use, and safety control by complying with laws and related regulations pertaining to the protection of personal information.
    The objective of usage regarding the collection and use of personal information will be clarified(*). Moreover, the use of such will be done correctly within the appropriate scope.
    Personal information will not be disclosed nor provided to a third party unless otherwise required by law on justifiable grounds.
    Necessary measures will be taken to prevent unauthorized access, loss, destruction, falsification, leakage, etc. of personal information.
    If a person providing his/her personal information wishes to disclose, correct, delete, or stop the usage of it, we will promptly deal with such request after taking necessary procedures such as identity verification unless otherwise stipulated by law.
    The particulars we have established as mentioned above will be informed to our employees while we also will strive to review and improve them on a regular basis.
      *...Now we store email account information specified users input in the email plugin to negotiate users' account information to the server users specified. Also we use contact information stored in users' device(s) to send messages to the contacts.

Significant Change History of Term of Use and Privacy Policy

    May 14, 2012The first release.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

How/Where can I get it?

You can get GoHomeMail in GooglePlay for free!

GoHomeMail is a base application and mandatory. Additionally, you need to install at least one plugin app. Now there is only one plugin, EmailPlugin, that sends a message via email. (Facebook and Twitter plugins are under planning... Please look forward to them.)

Please install at least one plugin from followings:

Monday, May 7, 2012


I am deeply grateful to OpenClipArt web site and collaborating graphic artist. I am poor at drawing pictures and cannot spend much time to study and complete graphic parts. So I'm using some drawings from the site now...

Saturday, May 5, 2012

What's GoHomeMail?

GoHomeMail is an Android app that allows users to send a message to their family/friends quickly with just ONE-PUSH when they go back home.

Additionally, the message informs the recipients of the fastest route and the estimated time from the current place respectively by the way: Walk, Train, Car, and Bike.

This application is very helpful in case you want to send a come-home message quickly when you are ready to go back home.

This application uses a plugin of itself to send the message in various ways (in the feature).   As the default plugin, I've released the email plugin, GoHomeMailEmailPlugin.  You can download it from GooglePlay, too.

Please search Google Play for plugins by specifying "GoHomeMail" like below.

The First Release

I am pleased to announce that the first version of GoHomeMail and GoHomeEmailPlugin are released in Google Play today.

I'll write some document little by little from now on, but before it, let me say the release and appreciate help from people around me.

If you are interested in it, please check it out.